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Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Let me start off by saying that we’re not here to plant-shame you.

We’re not going to bring up that time you forgot to water your plant and it turned into a dried-up stalk devoid of leaves destined for the trash can. We don’t care that you don’t know how often to water your plants until it’s too late. We don’t judge you when you’re about to go on vacation so you “double down” with the water until your plants are drowning.

We’re just here to help.

We began designing PlantParty to help our personal plant collection live just a little longer and since then we’ve received an outpour of positive responses from friends, family, and strangers asking us to make it available for them to use with their own plant families. Our goal is to take all of the guesswork out of managing your plants’ watering schedules by alerting you when it’s time to give your plants a drink. We know that each plant has a unique watering schedule so we’ve created a custom database of plants and schedules to help tailor the app to each of your plant babies.

We’re getting really close to finishing the app and publishing it for both iOS and Android so stay tuned here and on Instagram for updates and sneak peeks!

You can also sign up to be notified when the app is finally available by visiting our website:

P.S. If you would like to recommend a plant for us to add to our database, submit a plant here:

-PlantParty Team

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Updated: Jul 17, 2018

The most beautiful (and safest!) houseplants to have if you own pets.

Just ask any pet-owner about their experience with having plants in their home and they will have a horror story, guaranteed.

"I once spent $100 on a beautiful fiddle leaf fig for my house. I came home one day and caught my cat climbing up it, bear-style. She had pulled off all the leaves and taken bites out of each one. That poor tree never stood a chance!" -Amanda

While some pets just can't resist exploring houseplants, you can at least mitigate your stress by choosing a plant that's resilient, inexpensive, and safe for pets to chew on (just in case). Check out our picks below.


Bamboo is a hearty plant that's easy to grow and completely safe for your pets to be around (and eat).

Spider Plant:

This bright, non-toxic, air-purifying plant is a beautiful addition to any pet-filled home. It's pretty low maintenance too!

Boston Fern:

The Boston Fern is a lush houseplant that is safe around both dogs and cats. They love humidity so toss one (or a few!) in your bathroom to turn your loo into a tropical oasis.

Areca Palm:

Not only are areca palms safe around pets, they help purify your home by removing benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air. Thanks plant!

What other plants do you keep in your home with your pets? What kinds of plants do your pets love to chew on the most? Let us know!